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Rawr! Welcome to the very very long 'bit' about me; i hate umbrollies because i love to walk in the rain. I am easily amused and smile at almost anything but when i get sad it's hard to shake me out of it. I'm secretive; there's a lot i know that i'll never share with anyone but i will never lie if i can help it. I find it hard to trust people so i don't let many get close, but those i do trust mean more to me than anything. I hate people who pretend to be sad and i generally despise emo's. My political views are a bit extreme and controversial. I may be a bit of a communist. I would bomb America if i could get away with it. I hate people who are perfect; everyone should have at least one flaw. I love lollipops. I tend to doodle and write random things when i'm bored. Strawberries are the best fruit in the world. I get giggly when i'm drunk. I like hugs. I tend to spin around in circles for no reason. I hate people who are petty and spiteful. Unless it follows a full stop i never capitalise the letter i. I bruise easily. I prefer the night to the day. I have too much black in my wardrobe. I don't eat meat, but then, i don't eat much at all. I don't like myself much. I love walking just for the point of walking. I can't handle pressure and despise people's expectations.

Before I grew up I saw you on a cloud I could bless myself in your name and patch you on my wings "Life is hard and so is love, child, believe in all these things"



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